me: (thinks something mean)
me: dont be fucking rude
Here in front of everybody?
Oh, they won’t remember! Besides, tell me this wasn’t on your list.

Why do you always feel so inevitable to me?


Melanie Laurent has always been an actress to watch, but with Respire, her new film, she’s become a director to watch as well. A powerful movie with the kind of self-assured directing you wouldn’t expect from an amateur. I loved seeing it at TIFF14 and I’ll be thinking about it for a long while. 



This was by far the most important thing that happened in Australia in the year 2000

It’s 2014 and my mum still says ” not happy, jan”. I say it too. I was 5 when this ad came out. 

I play Laure, who is a cop. Seven years ago, she lived with Julie. They seemed to be a very happy and solid couple. Since then, Laure’s life is at a standstill, because she’s still madly in love with Julie. - Alix Poisson [x]

"Gay. I mean Emily!"